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How can it be that this is so,
When did it change to this.
Within the blink of my eye,
the knife fell and it threw me over the edge.

My mind screams to answer back your words.
Because behind them is not the meaning you meant – but the meaning you mean!
But I only smile nervously.
And You – you hide behind your grin.

A hand (mis)placed upon my shoulder and a shiver worms up my spine.
As I turn to look at you my eyes meet your sneer
You’re secure in the knowledge, there’s no one else near.
Innuendo’s, sly strokes, recklessly placed hands, insinuations,
All designed with only one thing in mind,
to undermine me and leave me open
to what you have in mind – on your mind.
You’re out of your mind and I’m losing mine!

I am strong, I AM strong, I say over and over.
But your sexual ranting’s leave me tongue-tied
and speechless and squirming inside.
Like a small child caught with her hand stuck in the cookie jar.
But I am no child – no child…..
And you – you’re less than nothing,
a cowards – a man without balls.
Reduced to preening your ego by destroying someone else,
younger, weaker,
by destroying someone else – Me!


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