Saying goodbye is never easy.


I looked for you along the shore.

I saw your silhouette against the setting sun, in the distance
up along the strand where we used to walk our dogs.
Lifting my hand in salutation, my walk had just begun
yours was nearly over, but you never waved back.

I ambled for a while, gently wading among the lapping waves
bending my toes with each step amid the cool wet sand.
Occasionally, I looked up ahead for you, but you were gone
No sound, not even a distant yapping dog chasing some driftwood.

I found you in the beginning on this beach, staring out at the vastness.
Narratives so similar, I clung to you with desperate hope.
Your intellect is what attracted me, but your wit made me stay.
Your wit and the weight of your wounded soul.

I looked for you along the shore, but you were gone.
And when I reached the spot I thought you had been
There was no sign, nothing to mark your passing.
The surf and swells had wiped away even your footprints.
(For Ulla)

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