Depression – it’s not an illness, it’s an infection!!!!! REALLY!!????


Okay, so as I sit here, I am spitting mad. My sister in law sent me a link via facebook this morning that stated depression is a an allergic reaction to inflammation in the body. So I read that article which was based on another one that appeared in the Guardian Newspaper in the UK but that article went further and suggested that depression was an infectious disease and there was new hope for sufferers in the form of anti-inflammatory medication, diet and herbs…

Read it for yourself and let me know what you think…..


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3 responses to “Depression – it’s not an illness, it’s an infection!!!!! REALLY!!????

  1. Hmmm. I’m not sure those article writers read the research carefully. The other day, I read something about inflamed neurons, and also new research saying that our cerebellums are affected, which then does something or other to the brain’s reward system (which is a v primal part of the brain in the same way as the amygdala). And what I took from it all (and I read the academic research directly) is that they’ve found some more stuff to look at. And apparently the only reason the cerebellum/reward centre stuff wasn’t known earlier, is that nobody looked into it. Inflammation … well, there are conditions where brain inflammation can cause severe psychosis (and death) so when they talk about neurons and inflammation, sure – lots of possibilities there. But the psychosis etc thing apparently happens to a tiiiiiny percentage of people who have psychosis. So they can’t say anything much that’s firm about the “infection” thing. Also, in the guardian article they refer to “limited clinical trials”. Well that’s bollocks innit? You can “prove” just about anything that way. Sooooo to cut a long story short, I don’t think they’re talking total nonsense, but they are extrapolating things that shouldn’t be and oversimplifying everything.

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  2. if you are interested, have a look on pubmed and/or medscape.

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  3. Placid's Place

    There is always some doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist somewhere who does not “believe” that depression is an illness, or that it can be cured by medication. Always… But to lend credence to that belief is just plain mad. Its like believing in homeopathy, or astrology, or fortune tellers. Some poor sucker somewhere will believe it; doesn’t mean we all have to, or that it is a bone fide medicine, science or well, what do you call fortune telling?? Hardly science – perhaps more science fiction!!

    I suppose I shouldn’t let the fact that these types of claims get column inches in magazines or papers annoy me so much. I just wish the “journalists” writing the pieces would do their bloody research first! Bah humbug!!
    (Then again, if Galileo had been published, his claims would have been torn to shreds!! )
    Its just when you have that type of pseudoscience out there at all, without the facts, figures or substantive evidence to back it up, I always feel it clouds the issue and makes it that tiny bit more difficult for depression to be accepted for the serious illness it is.
    That’s my tuppence worth anyway!!

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